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Welcome to!

We have many tools tohelp you in your Seo and Internet marketing efforts.Because you found thesite, you probably know how important Seo is these days.
There are more andmore sites up on the Internet every day creating more and morecompetition for traffic.

Seo isnow only a good idea, it's pretty much mandatory these days for anywebsite, if you want to get much traffic.

You candivide Seo into two categories, on page factors and off page factors.

On page factors (whatyou have on your website) consist of page title, meta tags(description, to some extent keywords), internal linking structure,link anchor text, and the placement and use of keywords, for the mostpart.

Off pagefactors mainly consist of links, getting links back to your websitethat have your targeted keywords as the anchor text.  With theWeb 2.0 Revolution, social bookmarking sites, the use of multimediasuch as video and podcasting, are also big contributors to Seo andwebsite traffic.

A goodway to get started with Seo, or in building a website in general, is todo keyword research related to the topic of a site that you would liketo create.
You can do this byusing our keyword research tools here on

Once youfind what you feel is a good topic to build a website around and somegood keywords to optimize for, you could use our Google datacentersearch or Search engine position tool to see who ranks highly for yourchosen keywords.

You couldthen use the Link popularity tool to see where their links are comingfrom to give you ideas where to acquire links for your site.

Next, youcan use the Keyword Density Checker, PageRank checker, Spider view, Urlredirect checker, Visual pagerank, Link Extractor, and Meta tags toolsto study your competitors site's more in-depth.

You wouldthen have a pretty good idea of what you're up against and if youdecide to go forward, you would know a lot about about yourcompetitor's websites that you could then use as a model for your own.

You canalso use the tools mentioned above plus the Broken link checker, Serverstatus, Website speed test, and Metatags generator tools to create andcheck up on the optimization of your own website, and the Search engineposition tool to check on your site's progress.

The toolsI have not mentioned are also useful in providing interestinginformation.
I know this is a bitof a generalization, but it should get you started on your searchengine optimization efforts.

Checkback often as we plan to add more to this description and get morein-depth.
We also plan to addsome tools, maybe combine some tools, and add some new features such ase-mail alerts.

Good luckon your Seo efforts.

Not startusing the tools and get Seo'ing!